How is a good sleep?

How is a good sleep?

If you have a good sleep, you can certainly feel its quality. Feeling that your body when wakes up every morning, you feel full of energy, and you are constantly sleepy in the afternoon, which means that you had a good night's sleep last night. Adult people need 6 - 8 hours of sleep a day. Meanwhile, the sleep time of children and teenagers will be more than 10 - 12 hours.

The quality of the sleeping is that you have to sleep deeply and do not wake up too many times in the night. A night of deep sleep will significantly improve your health and help to prevent other diseases.

The importance of sleep:

+ Sleep is important for the skin

While you sleep deeply, toxins in your skin are also released while absorbing the nutrients when you use lotion. Deep sleep will give you beautiful skin that has been regenerated smooth overnight. Therefore, sleeping time at night is an ideal time for your skin to absorb nutrients. Using products at night can feel skin get better quickly the next morning. Therefore, create a good night's sleep to have beautiful skin.

+ Sleep is important for health and work

Health is an invaluable asset of every human being. When you do not sleep enough, for a long time will cause negative effects on the body. The mind and body become lifeless. Health is threatened and can cause other illnesses in the body and make them worse. And then, weak health will negatively affect the quality of your work.

Sleep helps regulate activities in the body and contribute to curing other medical conditions. Good sleep will often be the premise and for your better health. A healthy body will work well, be more positive and contribute more.

+ Sleep is important for the development of the body

Sleep affects the development of the body a lot. Lack of sleep will cause the body to develop slowly in terms of height, strength, and intelligence especially in children. So you need to ensure your child has a sleep time as reasonable and scientific as possible. To give children the best opportunity to develop.

What happens when you do not get enough sleep?

If getting enough sleep is like a panacea essential for your sleep, lack of sleep is a terrible obsession for many people. Lack of sleep will lead to serious consequences that we cannot foresee:

+ Memory decline

Lack of sleep will affect mental activities, especially learning and memory. Researchers have shown that sleep plays an important role in helping us study and work better. In other words, we will have a reasonable break to ensure our memory.

+ Always feel stressed

Stress has a significant influence on the quality of our lives, even a lack of sleep can affect both physical and mental health, always feel highly stressed. Without concentration and alertness, the best spirit to solve the problem.

+ Harm to skin

The lack of prolonged sleep can make your skin darker, eyes were swollen, wrinkles, freaked. As a result, they are often dissatisfied with their appearance.

+ Increased risk of diabetes

Long-term sleep deprivation can cause a very high risk of diabetes. A study has shown that the negative effect of sleep deprivation affects the body's metabolic and hormonal abilities. Diabetes is like a disease caused by metabolic disorders.

Solution for a good night's sleep

+ Use quality bedding sets

Using quality mattresses, moderate hardness, the cool surface will help you to lie comfortably and have a much deeper sleep. Do not use mattresses that are too hard for back pain and troubled to make it difficult to sleep deeply and to easily wake you up. Buy quality bedding products to invest long-term for good sleep as well as your health.

+ Exercise on a daily basis

Exercises are always helpful for sleep. When exercising, blood circulation is better, gets a firm body, consumes energy and makes sleep more quality. However, strong physical activity should be avoided before going to bed.

+ Sleep on time, enough sleep

Your biological clock needs to be in good health. You need to get enough sleep and be on time. If there is nothing too urgent, do not stay up too late, have to remind yourself before 12 pm with adults and children must sleep before 10 pm so that the body can sleep enough and develop healthier.

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