How To Choose Bedding To Have a Great Sleep?

How To Choose Bedding To Have a Great Sleep?

Did you know each of us spends more than 1/3 of our life in bed? Therefore, to have a great sleep, you need to pay attention to choosing a perfect bedding set.
The most important thing is to consider the comfort, satisfaction that these bedding sets can bring to you.


A set of blankets which its surface of the fabric is dry, hard cannot make you feel comfortable and good night's sleep. Therefore, you should not choose blankets that easily creased, hard fibers, sweat-proof and less breathable, easy to facilitate bacterial growth, can lead to some diseases related to respiratory and skin allergies.
Instead, choose a blanket with 100% natural cotton, soft, smooth fabric, good sweat-absorbing. High-quality 100% cotton bed sheets will be an effective way to cool the bed, creating safety with high antibacterial, always clean, significantly preventing bacteria, avoiding bed sheets, mold in hot weather. This is also a completely good material for the sleep of children who have sensitive skin.


In bedding, pillows, especially the intestines play a very important role in bringing you a deep sleep. The reason is the pillow is in direct contact with the head, face, supporting your head to create comfort throughout the night. Accordingly, you should choose a pillow that is not too thin to hold the head in a comfortable position, but also should not choose a thick and hard one because of neck pain and anemia in the head. Ideally, a pillow with a thickness of 12-14 cm, soft, good elastic, especially the intestines are stuffed with pure cotton. Of course, pillowcases made from soft cotton fabrics will also be appreciated.
Do not choose a pillow with intestines made from recycled cotton, poor quality cotton, when sleeping, it is easy to breathe toxic cotton dust and cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, asthma, especially for children and the elderly. 
Thus, the bedding set is really perfect, providing if there is a perfect pillow in your delicate choice.

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