What Is Cotton Sateen?

What Is Cotton Sateen?

There are essentially two types of cotton that are associated with particular quality. The first is Egyptian cotton, and the second is cotton sateen. Both are used to market higher-quality sheets, but what exactly is cotton sateen and why would you want cotton sateen over any other kind of sheet?

When buying sheets, the material used to make the sheet is just as important as the thread count of those sheets. Many people will only go by thread count, when in reality, the material plays just as much a hand into how soft the sheets are and how long they last.

What is cotton sateen?

Sheets that are labeled as cotton sateen are likely to have a slight sheen to them. No matter what color or pattern they also feature, they will have a pleasant sheen. While they are not exactly shiny, they do reflect the light. This is because cotton sateen sheets are densely woven out of a special kind of cotton. These fibers band together and create a solid piece of fabric which exhibits the density of the weaving through this sheen.

The special kind of cotton used for cotton sateen sheets is treated in lye and acid, before they are woven. This makes the fibers stronger, so that the sheets survive multiple washings and uses. The lye and acid also contribute to the sheen and ensure that the dye is evenly distributed in the fabric, after it is woven. Because of this treatment, it is much easier for manufacturers to create quality, well-dyed sheets for just about any use.

What is cotton sateen best for?

Cotton sateen sheets are best for any bed that gets regular use. While some people will claim that they do not have as much durability as Egyptian cotton sheets, they are just as durable. They do lose their sheen, over time, but because of the acid and lye bath, they are less likely to pill or tear, even with repeated use and washing.

Because they take dye so well, you are likely to find cotton sateen sheets in a wide variety of colors, so you are also very likely to be able to find a color that matches your décor, no matter what it is.

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