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Dịch vụ cho thuê tài khoản quảng cáo Facebook Invoice của Drebest Agency


Best fees in the market - from only 0.3%

Dịch vụ

Advantages of Facebook Invoice Advertising Accounts

High stability

Accounts are rarely locked abnormally
like individual advertising accounts
BM often

High stability

Spend without worrying about
daily budget limit or campaign
number limity

Quick handling

Time reviewing is fast and there is a dedicated team to handle it right away when you have a problem

WHY Choose US

Why Choose Drebest


Account Rental Process

Step 1

Customers register info (Website, Fanpage...)

Step 6

Drebest conducts creating/granting Acc for customers

Step 2

Drebest check Info (Product, Website, Fanpage)

Step 5

Customers add and complete Website & fanpage as required

Step 7

Customer receives Acc, setup & propose to allocate money from wallet to Acc

Step 3

Customers transfer money to Drebest

Step 4

Drebest confirms the amount of money transferred by the customer on the system

Account Invoice

Quy trình thuê tài khoản

Bước 1

Khách hàng đăng kí info (Website, Fanpage...)

Bước 2

Drebest duyệt Info (Sản phẩm, Website, Fanpage)

Bước 3

Khách hàng chuyển tiền cho Drebest

Bước 4

Drebest xác nhận số tiền của khách chuyển sang trên hệ thống

Bước 5

Khách hàng bổ sung và hoàn thiện Website & fanpage theo yêu cầu

Bước 6

Drebest tiến hành tạo/ cấp Acc cho khách hàng

Bước 7

Khách hàng nhận Acc, setup & đề nghị phân bổ tiền từ ví vào Acc



Drebest Agency agrees to provide Facebook invoice advertising accounts for the following items:
- Clean goods (POD, Dropship, fashion, household appliances, furniture...)
- Light VPCS: beauty salon, spa, some other products...
* Drebest does not lease accounts with heavy VPCS products such as counterfeit goods, trademark goods, physiological products, and weapons.

This is a security deposit. Make sure you don't run a campaign that causes your account to be locked. If the client runs without violating the policy, this amount will be refunded after the end of the contract. If customers intentionally run infringing campaigns, we will not refund the deposit.

The account opening fee ($25/ Acc to run SP clean, $100/ Acc to run SP VPCS) is a flat fee to create or issue a new ad account. If the account is locked through no fault of the customer, Drebest Agency will support opening a new account, and you will not have to pay any extra fees.

If an account is locked due to a customer, the customer's remaining deposits will be frozen until Facebook returns the final appeal. After the results are available, Drebest will automatically transfer the unspent money from Acc to the customer's total wallet

Invoice is a premium advertising account specifically granted by Facebook for the Agency. This account type is stable, does not need a card, and is not limited to a daily spending budget.

When you need to stop cooperation, we will refund unspent money & deposit without penalty within 1-60 working days.

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