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Privacy Policy

I. Personal information

When you use Drebest’s services, we may ask you to provide some personal information such as: Full name, address, phone number, email address…

When declaring personal information, you need to ensure that all declared information is accurate and lawful, We do not bear any responsibility related to the law of the declared information.

We use the information you provide to process Orders, provide services, information about Products, and other information requested by you. In addition, We will use such information to manage your account; verify and execute transactions online; improve the layout, website content and adapt it to the user.

II. Security

Drebest is committed to protecting the privacy of customers’ personal information, will make every effort and use appropriate measures so that the information that customers provide to us in the process of using the website is secure and safe. protected from unauthorized access.

However, we do not guarantee to prevent all unauthorized access. We do not authorize third parties to collect and store personal information of consumers. In the event of unauthorized access beyond our control, we shall not be liable in any way for any claim, dispute or damage arising out of or in connection with that unauthorized access

To better understand the policy in the collection, storage and use of personal information of website users, please read the privacy policies below:

1. Purpose and scope of collection

The main data collection on the website includes: Full name of customer, phone number, address of Customer. This is the information that we need the Customer to provide when registering to use the service and we use it to contact and confirm when the Customer registers to purchase on the website, ensuring the interests of the Customer.
In addition, we may also collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages you view, the number of links (links) you click and other information related to connecting to our website. . We also collect information that the Web browser (Browser) you use every time you visit the website, including: IP address, Browser type, language used, time and addresses accessed by the Browser. to improve the quality of customer service.

2. Scope of information use

The Website uses the information provided by the Customer to:
– Provide services and products to customers.
– Send notices about information exchange activities between the Customer and the website
– Send attractive promotions on products to customers
– Contact and deal with customers in special cases.

3. Commitment to confidentiality of Customer’s personal information

We commit that only We have the right to capture and use your information according to the content specified in this “Privacy Policy”. We are committed to keeping your personal information secure in every way possible to protect it from unintended retrieval, use or disclosure.
We assure you that We will not knowingly collect any of your personal information unless you voluntarily do so.
When you provide us with personal information, it means that you know clearly what we intend to use the data for and We have obtained your consent to use the data. whether that.
We may disclose your personal information in cases prescribed by law or at the request of a competent court.

III. Change information and privacy policy

Your personal information will be stored by Drebest indefinitely, at any time you can edit your personal information.
The content of this “Privacy Policy” is subject to change to suit our needs as well as the needs and feedback from our customers. When updating the content of this policy, We will revise the “Last Updated” time.

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