Cho Thuê Tài Khoản Quảng Cáo Google Invoice Giá Siêu Rẻ chỉ từ 1,1%

Google invoice account for rent

Best fees in the market
from only 1.1%


Advantages of Google Invoice Advertising Accounts

Fast Account Grant

Account granted from just
5 minutes

Attractive price

Super cheap rate from 1%

Various service packages

Flexible usage limit package

Effective tool

Fast Money Recharge

Why choose Us

Why Choose Drebest

Google Account Invoice

Clean Products

25$ / 01 Accounts

200$ / 01 Accounts

100$ / 1 Accounts / 1domain


Account Rental Process

Customers register information
(Website, Video,…)

Drebest check product information
(Product, Website)

Customers transfer money to Drebest

Drebest confirms the amount of money transferred by the customer on Drebest Application

Drebest proceeds to create/grant accounts for customers



Drebest Agency agrees to provide Google Invoice advertising accounts for the following items:
- Clean goods (POD, Dropship, fashion, household appliances, furniture...)
* Drebest does not rent accounts with VPCS products such as fake goods, trademark goods, physiological products, weapons...

This is a security deposit. Make sure you don't run a campaign that causes your account to be locked. If the client runs without violating the policy, this amount will be refunded after the end of the contract. If customers intentionally run infringing campaigns, we will not refund the deposit.

Account opening fee ($25/account) is a flat fee for creating or granting a new Google ad account.

If the account is locked, the unspent money from that account of the customer will be withdrawn to the Wallet after Google returns the 1st appeal result.

Invoice is a premium advertising account type specifically granted by Google for the Agency, this account type is stable, does not need a card and is not limited to daily spending budget.

When you need to stop cooperation, we will refund the unspent money & the deposit without penalty within 1 - 60 working days.

Drebest Support

Drebest Support

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